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The new CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC sets new standards of harvesting technology in India

CLAAS India launches the next generation of CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC

Bengaluru, October 16, 2020. In a trailblazing moment, CLAAS India, a 100% subsidiary of German agri-machinery conglomerate CLAAS KGaA, celebrated the virtual launch of the next generation of CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC combine harvester. The major highlight of the event was the display of the new CROP TIGER on a virtual platform and webcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

The CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC is India’s most loved track harvester. With its high standards of performance and durability, this machine has built up a faithful fan following in several overseas markets. Moreover, CLAAS India recently celebrated the sales milestone of crossing 10,000 CROP TIGER harvesters.

At the opening of the event, Mrs. Cathrina Claas-Muehlhaeuser, the chairwoman of CLAAS Shareholders Committee, proudly shared, “CROP TIGER has been a success story for CLAAS in India, based on strong fundamentals of German engineering and local adaptation. The next generation of CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC is loaded with many new features that offer enhanced durability, performance and operator comfort.”

With many components of Cutter-bar and thresher housing now made up of Stainless steel, the new CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC is more durable and performance oriented. TRACKMASTER vehicle tracking system allows the owner to monitor his harvester and get real-time information on location, engine hours, threshing hours etc. right on his mobile or a laptop.

In case there is any clogging of the feeder housing area during harvest, the operator can unclog the machine using Hydraulic Feeder Reversal system. With access of the switch on platform itself, the operator does not have to get down from the machine, thus saving valuable time and energy.

The Gull - Wing design of the side panels allows easy serviceability of the machine, especially the engine area. The operator has sufficient legroom with all the levers within easy reach and gets a clear view of the cutter bar. LED lights enable harvesting even in the darkest of working conditions.

During the electrifying launch event, Mr. Christian Radons, member of the Group Executive Board, proudly highlighted, “CROP TIGER has been the benchmark of mechanised harvesting not only in India, but also many other countries across the globe. With more than 10,000 CROP TIGER harvesters working successfully, and the next generation CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC rolling out of our Morinda facility, CLAAS is committed to the highest standards of engineering innovation, manufacturing technology and strong after-sales support for our customers”.

Mr. Mrityunjaya Singh, Managing Director, CLAAS Agricultural Machinery Pvt Ltd. stated, “CROP TIGER is the first name that comes to the mind of every farmer in India, especially in paddy growing areas. Even so, we keep on taking feedback from our customers and try to incorporate the desired updates in our machines. The new CROP TIGER TERRA TRAC, with exciting new features, is the result of such committed effort”.